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Do you need an information and you cannot find it on the website? Contact the PublicRelations Offices!

Bandiera inglese What are they?

The Public Relations Offices (which belong to the Communication Operational Unit) are an interface between the user and the Provincial Health Authority of Messina in order to guarantee information, participation and protection, at the local and the hospital level.

What do they do?

The Public Relations Offices deal with:
•Reception, orientation and listening, in order to guarantee to the citizen the right of participation , access and information;
•Defence of the health right through the opportunity to present observations, oppositions and complaints against acts and/or behaviors which deny or limit the usability of health services, or behaviors that are harmful to the respect for the person and to the rights of users as citizens;
•Verification and assessment of users’ needs satisfaction degree, with particular concern to relational aspects, humanization and personalization of services;
•Implementation of programs and projects in order to improve the quality of services provided in agreement with the strategic management.

Wen to refer to them?

The Citizen can refer to the Public Relations Office:
• If he needs informations about the health services offered by the Provincial Health Authority of Messina in its territory: hospitals, districts, outpatient clinic, etc.;
• If he want s to give suggestions or make observations, oppositions, complaints, etc.. And in case he wants to reporta disservice or communicate his satisfaction;
• If he wants to interact with the Provincial Health Authority, directing the improvement of the services quality through his judgments, both directly or through citizen associations, voluntary associations, trade unions, etc. .

Where are they?

The Offices are spread in the eight Health Districts of the Provincial Health Authority and they manage requests coming from users depending on territorial competence.
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